SRT masters core technologies of soft robots with independent intellectual properties


In the past 10 years, the prosperous market of electric shavers motivated the vigorous development of upstream manufacturing industry. However, the manufacturing and production of electric shavers in China still stays in labor-intensive stage. Its automatic level of internal assembly is relatively low and it is not suitable for requirements of flexible manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing.

Released by SRT, SFG soft gripper series originates from research and extension of mollusks such as octopus and jellyfish. This series of soft grippers are highly flexible and are able to provide brand new EOAT solutions for production of electric shavers, exerting significant influences to realization of flexible manufacturing and production capacity improvement.


An ordinary electric shaver is needed to go through hundreds of process steps in production workshop before its complete assembly. Traditional labor-intensive production method leads to high labor cost, low production efficiency and insufficient market competitiveness of the enterprise. Therefore more and more enterprises choose flexible intelligent production workshops.

Traditional rigid grippers have weak covering ability over workpieces and low success rate of grasping, affecting production efficiency. Moreover, they can easily harm workpiece surface when grasping. For example, if the rigid gripper grasps electric shaver and inserts it into the charging base for precharging, the electric shaver and its surface may suffer various extent of damage if location deviations exist. Therefore rigid grippers are not suitable for grasping electric shavers.


SFG soft gripper series produced by SRT can imitate grasping motions of human fingers. They are free of pre-adjusting according to precise dimensions and shape of the object. With gentle grasping motions, these soft grippers are highly versatile and cause no damage to grasping targets, and they are especially advantageous for grasping special-shaped and fragile objects like electric shavers. Even if deviation of position of grasped objects happens, gentle placement of grasped objects at specified location can also be realized through deformation of our soft end of soft grippers.

▲SFG soft gripper grasps electric shaver and performs charging motion

As professional solution provider in EOAT and intelligent manufacturing, SRT masters core technologies of soft robots with independent intellectual properties. SRT not only acquires rich experiences in automation transformation in household electronics field, but also provide products, technologies and solutions that are applied to various industries such as thermos cup manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, food and chemicals for daily use, logistics warehouse and medical care.