Technical innovation of Chinese attracts attention of Japanese media. Soft robots are brilliantly demonstrated in “Nikkei Business”


SRT was published in Japanese professional economic journal “Nikkei Business” for its advanced soft gripper technology.


Soft gripper is a practical and cutting-to-edge field, but few companies focus on its research, development and production in China. However, as a heavyweight competitive in this field, SRT ‘s SFG series solve the problem of grasping and transporting fragile or special-shaped objects in industrial area, which is revolutionary.


With the rapid development of industrial field, the efficiency of human labor production line becomes low and automation is needed to meet the growing needs of the market and make up the deficiency of conventional production line. At the same time, automation technologies are also need to be upgraded to manipulate fragile or slippery objects with various shapes. However, traditional rigid mechanical gripper is not suitable for grasping these objects in production line, so soft robotic technology emerges.

Soft Robot Tech Co., Ltd(SRT) was established in 2016. The research and development team came from Soft Robot Lab of Beihang University and made profound researches on structures design, mechanism analysis, materials matching and forming process of soft robots. Soft robotic technologies are highly complex because they involve elastomer material technologies, structure design and control technologies of soft robots. At present university laboratory based companies that master soft robotic technologies are rare around the world. However, at the beginning of its establishment, SRT launched domestic advanced soft grippers for industrial grasping operation.

Soft flexible hands, also named soft grippers, originate from a newly emerged field of soft robotic technologies. They are wholly manufactured from soft materials, and driven by pneumatic pressure. They can realize bending, twisting and stretching motions and thus can grab special-shaped fragile products conveniently and reliably.

Since the establishment of the company, SRT has been devoted to practical application of soft robotic technologies. SFG soft gripper series are industrial soft end effectors that combine advanced scientific research technologies and industrial demands. Products of this series are able to grab various of special-shaped fragile products with no harm, solve the problem of automatically grasping products and provide convenient solutions for realizing fully automated industries.