Soft Robot Tech Co.,Ltd was awarded "new product of the year" and "top 10 fast growing enterprises of the year" of 2019 high tech Golden Globe Award!


At night of Dec 13th, the awarding ceremony of the sixth high tech Golden Globe Award was held successfully in Shenzhen. Facing the competition of many other enterprises, Soft Robot Tech Co.,Ltd(SRT) won "new product of the year" of end effectors and "top 10 fast growing enterprises of the year" awards with excellent product performances and powerful developing speed.



In the background of the continuous infiltration of industrial internet, an important issue of this high tech Golden Globe Award is “how do enterprises release innovation powers of themselves”.

As professional solution provider in EOAT and intelligent manufacturing, SRT is devoted to solving the problem of grasping of fragile and special-shaped items in industry fields. SRT has accumulated many excellent development and research technicians and is able to provide brand new EOAT solutions for guests. Receiving these two awards is an approval of SRT’s technical innovation ability, developing speed, business model and pioneering spirit.


The SFG soft gripper series that is awarded "new product of the year" of the Golden Globe Award is a heavyweight product developed by SRT with great concentration. This series of soft gripper can be divided into three categories, corresponding to solving problems of fast sorting of various special-shaped workpieces and satisfying demands of different working conditions.

The distance of fingers of compact grippers is small, which make compact grippers suitable for applying in confined spaces where manual works are hard to carry out. And this compact gripper is especially suitable for industries like 3C electronic products, jewels and ornaments, chemicals for daily use and foods. For circular adjustable soft grippers, the distance of fingers can be modified. So this type of soft grippers can be applied in a wide rage, and they are especially suitable for transportation application of industries like toys manufacturing, fresh foods and vegetables, glass products and artifacts. For symmetrical adjustable soft grippers, fingers are distributed symmetrically, so this gripper can be easily operated, especially suitable for industries like medical drugs, automobile manufacturing, irregular Injection molded workpieces.

Besides, SRT can integrate various parts to form suitable soft robots according to practical needs of guests. Design services, including vision recognition, system establishing and motion programming, are provided. SRT has received approval of more than 300 guests from more than 20 industries such as thermos cup, medical equipments, power batteries, domestics, food processing.


Recognizing soft robotic technologies as the core, SRT is a technological enterprise that concentrate on researching, popularizing and application of soft robotic technologies. At present, SRT has become a leader in intelligent manufacturing of end effectors. Since 2018 when products were launched, SRT has provided services for more than 300 industrial guests among more than 20 industries. And SRT’s products have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea and other regions.

From now on, SRT will explore more effective cooperation mode with guests and provide more convenient solutions for realizing fully automated industries.