【Customized services】Brand new EOAT solutions of SRT----suitable for production lines in multiple scenes


The rise of intelligent manufacturing and flexible production promoted profound development of industrial robots. However, due to continuous iterations of products, factories demand more strictly for versatility, accuracy standard and reliability of assembly process. Therefore, higher flexibility and degree of automation are needed for current production lines.


SFG soft gripper customization services supplied by Soft Robot Tech Co.,Ltd(SRT) can satisfy need of customized productions. Not only can the soft gripper be customized according to practical needs of guests, but also can the soft robots be integrated with various functions to form suitable soft robots. Universal design can be carried out based on functional parts like vision recognition, system establishing and motion programming. We provide turn-key service for customers.


SFG soft grippers customization service process:

Needs from guests→Solution design→Contract signing→Trial manufacturing of samples→Performance testing→Mass production→Product delivery→Field conduct→Project acceptance


Advantages of SFG soft grippers customization service

1、Compared to standard products in the same category, customized SFG soft grippers are able to perform grasping in complex working conditions. For example, SFG soft grippers can make more stable grasping in confined operation space, situations where objects are heavy or covered by oil.

2、Compared to customization of rigid grippers, the period of customization of soft grippers is shorter and response is faster.

3、Cover layers that based on regular materials can be added to customized fingers to make soft grippers adapt to special working environments. For example, adding electrostatic dissipative silicone rubber layer to the soft fingers can increase material volume electrical resistivity of contact surface, thus electronic components are protected from being damaged by electrostatic discharge. 

4、For certain special application situations, SRT can customize supporting brackets of soft grippers for large sized workpieces and special-shaped workpieces, satisfying different grasping needs of different production lines from guests.


Compared to traditional manual manufacturing and mass production, customization is more accurate and effective. SRT understands customer needs in depth and releases customizable soft gripper solutions for different fields like factory workshops, foods and toys, 3C electronic products, medical equipments, scientific research and education, assisting intelligent transition of related enterprises.