- Introduction


                           The soft gripper is a new type of flexible actuator launched by SRT that can simulate the grasping
                        action of human hand and manipulate objects of different size, shape and weight with a single gripper.        

                        It distinguishes from the traditional rigid gripper by its soft pneumatic "fingers” made of flexible
                        material, which can adaptively wrap the object without presetting according to the exact size and shape 

                        of the object.

                        Additionally, the grasping action is so gently that will not cause any damage to the workpiece,therefore 

                        the gripper is especially suitable for vulnerable and soft amorphous objects.





           - Operating Principel

                          Soft gripper with special air bag will achieve different posture deformation with different input air press

                       ure served by pneumatic controller.


                          Positive pressure

                    tending to clench,wrapping the outer surface of the object, and completing the gras

                    ping action


                          Negative pressure

                         stretching and releasing the objects;in some special occasions,it can also be used as interior support







           - Gripper Structure







           - Soft Gripping System

                           Soft gripping system is composed of soft gripper, pneumatic controller, compressed gas source, industrial robot and its control system. 

                         By means of communication protocol provided by SRT, industrial robots can work well with the soft gripper and complete complex grasp

                         task smoothly.    


The SRT soft gripping system does not include compressed gas source, indust

rial robot and its control system, which requires users to purchase separately.

                         - Control System




Soft Gripper Product

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